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BD-L620W Plc Band Knife Splitiing Machine
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The machine adapts to splitting the hard or soft leather symmetrically, which the width is less than 620mm and the thickness is less than 8mm, according the required thickness in the industry of leather products, improve the quality of products and strengthen the competitiveness of markets.


BD-L620W band knife splitting machine is a new generation of splitting machine developed by JUDA machinery according to the request of the market. Precise structure, excellent material, high-class processing technical, rigorous process of manufacturing, guarantee the quality and create benefit for the clients.

1.Splitting thickness displayed by plc LCD, the infinitely variable adjustment of feeding, accurate number counting function.

2.New panel make the feeding process more conveniently and quickly.

3.With function of dropping out when it is splitting.

4.With automatic feed registration device, no need to adjust cutting tool.

5.Adjust the clearance of pressure pad and cutting tool automatically to make the splitting precision much higher.

6.Optical magnifier which can see the sharpness of the knife edge.

7.Freestanding set of dust absorbing and knife grinding dust absorbing device.

8.Automatic pause system when leather material entangles in and automatic detection system of electronic phase.

9.Adjusting knife grinding with the single handle device and automatic control equipment when starting.

10.The outsize flying wheel makes the operation of band knife more steady and exact.

11.The accurate rail makes the movement of flying wheel more reliable, and the replacement of band knife more easily and conveniently.

12.The mechanical parts always lubricate.

13.Different functions can be provided by selecting different moulds.


Model: BD-L620W

Max width of split620mm

Max thickness of split8mm

Min Thickness of Split0.15mmwith top bar , 0.5mm with top feed roller

Feeding speed1-20m/min

Specification of band knife3970×50×0.8mm

Power of motor: 3.5kW

Machine size: 1820×960×1420mm

Package size: 2000×1130×1500mm

Net weight: 800kg

Gross weight: 890kg

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